RubyConfLt 2015

Welcome to the annual
Lithuanian Ruby Conference!

March 21, 2015
Konstitucijos pr. 20A (Swedbank), Vilnius

Event language: English
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    Ben Lovell


    Ben takes himself very seriously. He works for the Money Advice Service in London, England. He is a rubyist, gopher, open source lover and contributor. When not shipping bugs, Ben can be found grooming his beard.

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    Konstantin Haase


    As maintainer of Sinatra, Konstantin Haase is an Open Source developer by heart. Ruby has become his language of choice since 2005. He regularly contributes to different widespread projects, including Rubinius, Rack, Rails and MRI. In 2012, he received the Ruby Hero Award for his outstanding contributions to the community. He now works at Travis CI in Berlin, Germany.

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    Cristiano Betta


    Cristiano is a Senior Developer Advocate at Braintree and a long time Ruby guy. He has competed in over 60 hackathons and has organised more than 40. For BattleHack he wrote a system that follows hackers as they moved through the competition, tracking their programming languages, frameworks and success.

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    MichaƂ Papis


    Michal is an open source developer. Writing code usually in Ruby and Shell. He loves to help others - to the extent it become his life mission to "make the world a better place". For last 4 years he was maintaining Ruby Version Manager, but from this month he will focus solely on finishing RVM v2

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    Nick Sutterer


    Nick Sutterer is proud to be a member of the Ruby open source community. His Cells and Apotomo projects have been bringing increased view modularity and event-driven programming to Rails for years.

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    Bozhidar Batsov


    Bozhidar is the VP of Engineering of Toptal. He loves computers in general and programming in particular. His fanatic devotion to Emacs is known world-wide. Bozhidar spends a lot of his time on GitHub, contributing to various Ruby, Clojure and Emacs Lisp projects. In the Ruby community he's probably best known as the editor of the community-driven Ruby and Rails style guides and the author of the RuboCop code analyzer. Believe it or not, Bozhidar has interests outside computers as well! We won't, however, bore you with those here.

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    Arne Brasseur


    Arne is a developer, public speaker, programming coach, author and open-source contributor. With a passion for both human and programming languages, he has spent the last decade teaching and exploring the finer points of Ruby, LISP, Haskell, Mandarin Chinese, and others. When not hopping conferences or Pacific islands, he can be found at his home base in Berlin, brewing fine teas while pondering the future of open-source and the web.

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    Tobias Pfeiffer


    Tobi is a clean coder, Rubyist, learner, teacher and agile craftsman by passion. He organizes the Ruby User Group Berlin, maintains shoes and contributes to a variety of projects. He has a special knack for teaching, which is why he is a frequent coach at Rails Girls Berlin and taught university courses. He loves collaboratively creating things people enjoy.

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    Danielius Visockas


    Danielius is a spontaneous kid who loves abstract but ideas, tech and that constant urge of us to do something better. I do program with Ruby and Javascript but I am always trying out new languages like Python, Go, Elixir or C. If I am not wandering at my laptop you can find me soldering electronics, cooking pizzas or trying to push some startup.

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    Aleksandar Tomovski


    Alex is an avid developer who spent most of his career working in the JVM world. At he is now part of a polyglot team that's creating developer tools built with Ruby, JavaScript, and many other programming languages. Alex spends his free time reading, traveling, and hanging out with awesome people.

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